Training and support

Some LEADER areas have partly funded a website to provide extra support to help you apply for a grant. The website provides:

  • An explanation of the grant;
  • Help in choosing the right grant measure for your project;
  • Worksheets to create a business plan for your project and the longer term;
  • A cash flow template and basic money management advice;
  • Guidance on how to go about market research and planning your marketing campaign;
  • Step-by-step guidance through the application process;
  • A forum to discuss things with other applicants

Although the original content was developed for LEADER funding, it has since been adapted to help anyone looking for grants in the UK. More ...

What could we get funding for?

Examples of projects could be:

  • Providing better facilities in the village hall,
  • Organising cultural and leisure events,
  • Improving the village approaches,
  • Historic and cultural heritage.

Grants for your voluntary group or community project

a community playground project

The 'big society' agenda means that more and more facilities that we need will have to be financed and run by the community. We are here to help your idea or group get off the ground and be sustainable

Naturally many community groups, voluntary organisations and charities keep their charges to the people they cater for as low as possible, or even free. This is Ok if there is enough money coming in to cover their costs, but problems usually arise when there is new equipment to be bought or premises to renovate. This is where grant funding is often a saviour and it is also where the 'enterprise' bit of a social enterprise comes in. Any funding initiative will want you to explore how to be sustainable once the grant has been spent, so you have to discover some new ways of working just to be able to apply.

How we can help

We work on the premise that some projects need financial help at the start to get set up, better equipment or a burst of publicity. After that, the material we cover will give you the best chance of becoming self-sustainable in the future.

We not only specialise in helping organisations apply for funding, but in the process help them explore how to make them keep going. Often within your group of helpers and volunteers there is plenty of experience, so we build on that either directly or via our internet-based course, which is designed to take you though all the necessary steps at a time and pace to suit yourself. Because we have discussion forums as well, you can share ideas and concerns with both our helpers and other people in similar situations as yourself. Turn to our getting help page to find out more details.

Some forms of grant have already agreed to pay for our online course, so the help you choose to get from us may even cost you nothing!