Training and support

Some LEADER areas have partly funded a website to provide extra support to help you apply for a grant. The website provides:

  • An explanation of the LEADER grant;
  • Help in choosing the right grant measure for your project;
  • Help in creating a business plan for your project and the longer term;
  • Step-by-step guidance through the application process;
to give you the best chance of getting a rural grant.
Farming and food production

examples of projects could be:

  • Crop storage,
  • Nutrient management,
  • Meat cutting plants,
  • Green waste processing,
  • Farm shops.
Forestry and wood processing

examples of projects could be:

  • "In wood" operations,
  • Storage,
  • Recreation (e.g. training),
  • Management and access plans.
Our details

If your area is not listed on the LEADER page, do ask them to call us to find out how easy and cost-effective it is for them to give you this support.

Edward Beckmann
Interweave Now Ltd
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Rural grants for your farming, forestry or food production business

The grant funding is looking to make farming, forestry or food production operations more competitive and sustainable.

LEADER grant funding is here to help farmers and food producers diversify into new types of activity. If you have an idea that will bring some diferent activities to your farm or smallholding, or add value to the things that you produce then a LEADER grant may help to almost double your investment. We are not looking to provide new equipment for old, but support genuine new ways of doing things or additional processes that you can do with your core activities to make them sell at a higher value. For example, processing some of the raw ingredients of the food, using some of your space to process green waste or even creating some visitor and tourism interest. Call the LEADER team in your area to discuss your ideas.

Forestry and woodcutting operations can take many forms, and the LEADER grant funding for forestry is there to help you broaden the number of things you can do with your woodland or working with wood products. We are looking for more efficient and more wide-ranging activities related to both wood as a fuel and wood products for all manner of purposes, from construction to furnishing and developing skills. Call the LEADER team in your area to discuss your ideas.

In both cases the grant funding is there to support new or more advanced operations - it is not for replacing machinery or subsidising wages. The training support that you can get from this website will help you to plan for the whole expansion, from feasibility studies to marketing, developing your skills and business planning.

What about the training and help in making an application?

Firstly, your local grant funding team are there to help and guide you as much as they can - remember, they are from your rural area and really care about seeing projects succeed. Many have factsheets and websites that are invaluable so use them first. Additionally, there is a restricted part of this site that has been developed partly with LEADER funding. There are more details on the getting help and training page, but essentially the website provides a step-by-step process from clarifying your idea to working out the finances, which you can use at any time of day or night. The main author is Ed Beckmann of Interweave Now Ltd. He has had years of experience helping rural business to grow, and as appraiser for several LEADER areas he knows what makes a good LEADER funding application.